Salary Differentials

The Civil Service Law authorizes the Director of the Division of Classification and Compensation to enhance baseline State salaries under certain circumstances. The general purpose of salary differentials is to assist State agencies as they address recruitment and retention difficulties created by market circumstances.

Salary Differentials Search Engine

The Salary Differentials Search Engine is an advisory tool containing authorized additional salaries, including Increased Hiring Salaries (pursuant to Section 130.4 of the Civil Service Law), Shift Pay Differentials (pursuant to Section 130.6 of the Civil Service Law), and Geographic Pay Differentials (pursuant to Section 130.7 of the Civil Service Law). In using this search engine, you can choose to look up a Salary Differential by location, title, or both. For "official" salary calculations, please contact the Office of the State Comptroller's, Bureau of State Payroll Services.