Eligibility Check - Employee Suggestion Program

Please answer each of the questions below to learn whether your suggestion meets the guidelines for the Employee Suggestion Program. If your suggestion meets the eligibility guidelines, you may proceed to the next step. However, if your suggestion is ineligible for any reason, it will not be evaluated and you may not continue to the next step.

1. Are you a current or retired New York State Employee? Yes No
2. Does your suggestion significantly contribute to or promote a major efficiency or directly increase the effectiveness of a function of state government? Yes No
3. Does your suggestion pertain to terms and conditions of employment, such as salaries, job assignments or other items subject to the collective bargaining process? Yes No
4. Does your suggestion propose the imposition of new or additional fees or taxes? Yes No
5. Does your suggestion address normally accepted health and safety practices or the correction of obvious errors? Yes No
6. Was your suggestion implemented in your agency more than one year prior to today’s date? Yes No
7. Does your suggestion propose making minor changes to existing paper forms like asking for additional information or providing examples to direct responses? Yes No
8. Does your suggestion propose minor database enhancements such as adding or deleting data fields? Yes No
9. Does your suggestion involve requiring direct deposit of payroll and travel expense checks? Yes No
10. Is your suggestion already part of an existing initiative such as reducing paper via an electronic alternative? Yes No
11. Does your suggestion propose the creation of a brochure, flyer or some other informational paper or electronic document? Yes No
12. Does your suggestion propose providing translation services or translating documents or written information into other languages? Yes No