Scheduled Promotion Exams

Continuous Recruitment Promotion or Transition Examinations Open to State Employees

Applications for Continuous Recruitment examinations are accepted continuously. There is no application deadline. The tests are held periodically, and there is opportunity for retesting. If there is a written test, applicants are informed by mail of the upcoming test date. Continuous Recruitment examinations are conducted for positions where there is an almost constant need for qualified individuals. Some examinations are conducted by the Department of Civil Service, while others are conducted by the agencies where the positions exist. Each announcement provides information on how and where to apply.

* Indicates online filing is not available for these examinations. Please refer to the examination announcement for instructions on how to file.

Note that some of the salaries shown here, and on each announcement, may not reflect the increased amounts that resulted from the recently completed negotiations between the State and the public employee unions. Our announcements are being revised and reissued to reflect this information.

Announcements as of March 24, 2018
Exam Number Exam Title Open to Employees of Salary Grade Non−Refundable Processing Fee (Waivers available)
10-026 Developmental Disabilities Secure Care Treatment Aide Trainee People W Dev Disab, Off for Equated to G-10 $0
10-027 Developmental Disabilities Secure Care Treatment Aide Trainee (SL) People W Dev Disab, Off for Equated to G-10 $0
10-024 Direct Support Assistant Trainee People W Dev Disab, Off for Equated to G-7 $0
10-025 Direct Support Assistant Trainee (Spanish Language) People W Dev Disab, Off for Equated to G-7 $0
IT-SPC Information Technology Specialist 2 and Information Technology Specialist 2 (Programming) See Announcement 18 $0
30-166 Licensed Psychologist (Mental Health) Multiple Agencies 25 $0
30-182 Licensed Psychologist - Addictions Alcohol & Subst Abuse Svs,Off of G-25 $0
30-181 Licensed Psychologist - Children & Family Services Children&Family Svcs,Off of G-25 $0
30-007 Licensed Psychologist- Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment Multiple Agencies 25 $0
30-153 Licensed Psychologist-Forensic Multiple Agencies 25 $0
30-009 Licensed Psychologist-Forensic Mental Health Multiple Agencies 25 $0
30-154 Licensed Psychologist-Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Multiple Agencies 25 $0
10-017 Motor Equipment Mechanic Multiple Agencies G-12 $10
30-183 Professional Engineer 1 (Civil) Multiple Agencies 24 $25
30-053 Supervising Licensed Practical Nurse Health, Department of 13 $0
30-169 Supervising Licensed Practical Nurse SUNY Administration 13 $0
*Fee may cover applications for multiple examinations. See examination announcement for details.

You may obtain printed copies of announcements and applications (NYS-APP) from your agency Personnel Office.

Special Test Arrangements Will Be Made For Those Requiring Religious Accommodation and Persons With A Disability.
Our announcements are subject to amendment or cancellation without notice. Do not copy them or post them to any other site, but link to the announcement or to this page instead.