The Eligible List

You will be competing with other individuals on the exam and if you pass, your name will be placed on an eligible list according to your score. The eligible list contains the names of all those who have passed the examination and can be appointed to positions in the title for which the exam was conducted. Your rank on the eligible list is based on your final score or rating with any veterans' credits added where applicable. The name of the person with the highest ranking, or score, is at the top of the list. Appointments must be made from among the top three ranking individuals willing to accept the job to be filled at a specific location. Individuals with tied scores are given the same rank and are considered to be equally eligible for appointment. If there are many individuals with tied scores, there must be fewer than three people in the group willing to accept an offer of employment before a candidate with the next lower score can be considered.

With each successive appointment from an eligible list, lower-ranking individuals move up a step and are more likely to become reachable for appointment. Names of individuals who are not selected remain on the eligible list until they are hired, their eligibility expires or the list is terminated. Eligible lists have a life of usually from one to four years.

Specific questions regarding eligible lists and what happens after you take an examination.