Transportation Construction Inspector (TCI)

Each year the New York State Department of Transportation hires qualified individuals to augment its permanent workforce. These Transportation Construction Inspectors assist in monitoring and inspecting construction projects during the construction season that begins in April. The actual length of the construction season varies from DOT region to DOT region depending on the weather as well as the number and kind of projects being undertaken. In the downstate regions (New York City, Long Island or the Lower Hudson Valley, for example), the construction season may extend through the end of December.
The number of TCIs hired by a region and the length of their employment are a function of the requirements and duration of the projects compared with the background and schedules of the available candidates. As a result, some candidates are hired for two or three months and others for up to nine months.
Transportation Construction Inspectors are field jobs. Individuals must be able to get to the various construction sites on their own. It is helpful, therefore, if candidates have access to reliable transportation. Candidates may have to work some 16-hour days that could start before daybreak or continue through the night. In these cases, TCIs are eligible for overtime pay. Depending on workload, the nature of the job might also result in a TCI having to work in several different counties.

For information on salary & benefits, and how to apply, as well as information on the tasks & duties, minimum qualifications, and a map of locations, go to the Department of Transportation's web site at: Link) and click on Employment.