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Appointments and promotions in all civil divisions of New York State shall be made according to merit and fitness, including counties, towns, villages, school districts, special districts and cities. A Municipal Civil Service Commission or a Personnel Officer has the responsibility to administer this provision of the constitution in local government. Read More »

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To see your score notice for examinations 25-909, 25-910
or 25-911, please click the link above.

Promotion examinations for these titles were also held. Municipal civil service agencies are responsible for providing candidates with their score notices for the promotion examinations based on their policies and procedures. If you have not received your score notice for a promotion examination that you participated in, please contact your local civil service agency. Contact information for all local civil service agencies can be found below.

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Municipal Civil Service Commissions and Personnel Officers are responsible for administering the merit system in local government. Information about both the statewide open-competitive eligible lists and promotion eligible lists can be obtained from your local civil service agency.

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About the Director of Facilities examinations.

Additional Information for Promotion Applicants

There were special terms and conditions associated with promotion examinations for Director of Facilities I, II and III. Current school district employees interested in promotion were required to apply for both the promotion examination announced by their local civil service agency and the corresponding statewide open-competitive examination held by the New York State Department of Civil Service. In addition, promotion applicants were directed to complete the Promotion Applicant Certification Form and provide it to their local civil service agency at the time of application. The last day to file applications for the statewide open-competitive examinations was December 10, 2014.

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This resource was made available to assist candidates for the Director of Facilities examinations with the types of questions and the format of examinations.