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Student Intern Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I already have a Civil Service User ID?
You have a Civil Service user ID if you are a public employee who uses Department of Civil Service applications. You will use the same ID here. You may also have a Civil Service user ID if you have previously applied on-line for Civil Service exams.
How do I get a Civil Service ID?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says, "Create an account now." You will be asked to provide some personal information. At the same time, you will select a user ID (of up to twelve characters) and a password that only you will know.

I forgot my Civil Service ID. How do I find out what it is?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says, "I forgot my User ID or Password." If you provide us with your name and Social Security number, we can recover your user ID.

I forgot my Civil Service Password. How do I find out what it is?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says, "I forgot my User ID or Password." After providing us your user ID we will then ask you to answer the security question you gave us and we will email you a temporary password.

I don't remember what the answer to my security question was. How do I find out what it is?

If you cannot remember the answer to your security question you will need to contact the Help Desk at 518-457-5406 or toll free at 1-800-422-3671 to recover your password.

Student Intern Program Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

Who is eligible?

The New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program attracts talented students from undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities throughout New York State, as well as New York State residents enrolled elsewhere. Undergraduate students must be currently enrolled at a degree-granting two or four-year College or University with a minimum of one year as a student and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. Applicants may come from any academic discipline. Candidates must be available to work at assigned New York State offices.

How does it work?

Students use an internship portal to submit applications, upload resumes, and review and denote preferences for internship proposals.

Each host office or agency reviews applicants, conducts interviews, and offers Student Intern positions to selected candidates. As an internship candidate, you will be contacted by agency personnel if an agency is interested in inerviewing you for an internship.

Once you have been selected for an internship, you are accepting a position with the agency. Many of the rules of normal employment will apply to you, and your hiring agency will provide an orientation when you start.

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The Application

How do I apply?

The New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program will accept student intern applications in June/July, October/November, and February/March for the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions, respectively.

Students will use this internship portal to submit applications, upload resumes, and review and denote preferences for internship proposals.

When can I apply for an internship?

The Student Intern Program is divided into three sessions, the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions. The Fall session accepts applications during the months of June/July. The Spring session accepts applications during the months of October/November.

The summer session, beginning in May, offers student interns a condensed and intensive experience. Applications for the summer session are accepted in February/March each year, and interns begin work in late May. Summer session interns work for 8 to 10 weeks; the number of hours per week vary based on the needs of the student and agency.

Do I have to reapply each session?

Yes. By applying each session you may provide the most up-to-date information on your application and select interest in new internship opportunities.

How many internship opportunities may I apply for?

There is no limit as to how many internship opportunities you may apply to. You are encouraged to apply to all that interest you; however, you may also be considered for internships for which you do not apply.

What information do I provide in my application?

The internship application guides you through six distinct components:

  • Attestation - where you tell us you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Contact Information - where you enter your mailing address, phone number, and email address
  • Academic Information - where you give us information such as college name, major, standing, and GPA (if your institution uses it)
  • Preferences - where you select your occupational interests, tell us how many hours/week you are available, if you plan on receiving college credit for your internship, and tell us in which New York State counties you would like to work
  • Activities - where you have the opportunity to tell us about some activities in which you participate (this section is optional)
  • Document Upload - where you must upload your resume and you may upload a writing sample and letter of recommendation. The writing sample must be two to three pages in length illustrating your writing and analytical skills.

After you provide the above information, you will be shown a summary of your information, which you may print. You can continue to update your application information until the submission deadline.

What happens after my application is submitted?

After the application filing period has concluded, agencies review their student listings to determine whom they are going to offer an interview to. Once the determination is made on whom to interview, the agency contacts those candidates to schedule them. At the conclusion of the interview process the agency makes their selection(s) and contacts the candidate(s) to make an offer.

Can I add information and upload documents to my application after the filing period closes?

No. Once the application period has ended you are unable to upload documents or add additional information to your application. The next opportunity to upload and update information is the next application filing period.

When will I be contacted by agencies?

There is no specific time frame an applicant can expect to be contacted by agencies. It is anticipated that potential interns may be contacted within several weeks of the close of the application period for the session for which you applied. You may also go to the New New York Leaders: Student Intern portal to check on the status of an internship.

After the interview will I be contacted by the agency if I am not selected?

The answer to this question may vary from agency to agency. However, during the interview process, a candidate may ask the agency when they should expect a response.

Why am I being asked about my foster care status?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has established the Pave the Road to Independence initiative, a public-private partnership, to promote the economic success of youth leaving foster care. One of the goals of the initiative is to prioritize and connect youth currently or formerly in care with internship opportunities through the New New York Leaders Program.

What if I select yes to my foster care status?

Please note that answering this question is optional. By selecting yes, you are agreeing to self-identify as a current or former youth in foster care. Your affirmative response to this question will be shared with the NYS Office of Children and Family Services and your internship placement site.

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The Internship

What can I expect during my internship?

During working hours, student interns enjoy close supervision by program staff at their host agencies. Supervision begins when program staff provides student interns with orientation materials relevant to their assigned duties, a confidentiality agreement, an organizational chart for the host agency, and general materials describing the New York State government. Supervisors within each host agency provide one-on-one performance feedback to student interns. These meetings provide a forum for discussions about each intern's strengths and areas for professional development.

How long is the intern program?

The Fall and Spring sessions require student interns to work for 12 or 13 weeks per semester. The summer session lasts 8 to 10 weeks. The number of hours per week will vary based on the needs of the student and agency.

Do I get paid? Can I receive academic credit?

Monetary compensation may be available for some internship opportunities.

Colleges and universities may grant academic credit. "For credit" internships will require an understanding between your educational institutionand your agency. You will be responsible for facilitating that understanding, as well as fulfilling all the requirements agreed upon.

Where are internship opportunities located?

Internship positions are available in various locations around the state including, but not limited to, Albany, New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, Watertown, and Utica.

Additional Information

What attributes should a student intern possess?
  • Good analytical and evaluative skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good organizational skills, efficiency and flexibility
  • Computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft products (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), email software, internet searching, and other programs relevant to job placement
What other information can I access in the Internship Portal?

Once your application has been completed, you are invited to click on the "All Internships" link to review all available internship opportunities and select any internships in which you are interested. New York State agencies will be informed of your interest in their internship opportunity.

Once you have selected the internships in which you are interested, you may click on the "My Internship" link to see a list of those internships. From here, you may opt to enter comments for the agency to view to let them know why you have an interest in that particular opportunity.

How do I know if an internship has been filled?

On the left hand side navigation bar there is a choice to "View Internships". When you click on "View Internships", a page displays the listing of all internships for the most recent session. The column farthest to the right shows whether or not an internship is filled.

What is the Student Intern Program contact information?

If you have any questions or would like more information on the New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program, please contact Student Intern Program Staff at or at
(518) 473 - 9945.

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