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Student Intern (ID: 106055) for Spring 2018


DOCCS Sullivan Cor Facility

325 Riverside Drive
Fallsburg , NY 12733

Division/Unit: Sullivan CF- Mental Health


Proposal Information


Qualifications: This opportunity is open to all students studying in the Human Services/Mental Health fields, and who presently working towards their Bachelor's or Master's Degree. Applicants are encouraged to have a general knowledge of the New York State Criminal Justice System, a basic understanding of Mental Health/Therapeutic practices, use of office technology, a willingness to learn and strong professional boundaries.

Goal of Position: Successful completion of required Behavioral Science field experience working within the Behavior Modification Program at Sullivan Correctional Facility in the role of intern, as part of an Undergraduate or Graduate program. Students will learn theory and practice specific to Forensic Behavioral Science. Internships will be tailored to meet the needs of the student's specific educational requirements based on Degree Program. Students will develop clinical skills and professionalism while maintaining ethical standards in the field; which will assist in developing successful client outcomes.

Duties and Tasks: Under the supervision of a Licensed Social Worker, Psychologist or Mental Health Counselor, the student will complete initial assessments of incoming inmates; risk assessments, and determining the appropriate level of treatment. They will develop treatment plans, and complete ongoing assessment through testing, behavioral observation and obtaining Social Histories. Interns will conduct Psychoeducational Groups and Individual Clinical sessions. In addition to routine assigned clinical work, students will be provided with theoretical orientation assignments to assist in building a strong clinical foundation for use in practice. Interns are expected to develop clinical presentations, where exploration of skill and competency development, and affective issues in treatment will occur.The Intern will have the opportunity to collaborate with the DOCCS multidisciplinary team which includes; the Office of Mental Health, Community Supervision, Security, Programs, Medical, Business and Administration. Interns will be encouraged to participate in team/department meetings and Specialized Trainings that will benefit their therapeutic process and skills. Finally, the integration of counselor self-awareness and theoretical grounding will be facilitated through Supervisory sessions and practice.

Hours: Student can be assigned to volunteer up to 40 hours per week, and will receive 1 hour of Supervision weekly with a Licensed Social Worker, Psychologist or Mental Health Counselor under the direction of the Assistant Deputy Superintendent or appointee.



Microsoft Office

Willingness to Learn

Strong professional Boundaries


Internship Areas: Criminal Justice/Corrections

Logistical Information

Payment? Unpaid

Number of Hours: 30 or more

Location: Sullivan

Number of Interns Needed: 1

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing Graduate Student

Minimum Standing: Sophomore

Degree Concentrations: Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Psychology/Psychiatry