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Student Intern (ID: 106221) for Spring 2018


Dept of Corrections and Community Supervision

1220 Washington Ave.
Albany , NY 12226

Division/Unit: Library Services


Web Site: http://www.doccs.ny.gov/(New Window)


Proposal Information


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The volunteer will assist library staff in providing library and informational services for Library Services and programming for the general inmate population.

DUTIES & TASKS: The volunteer will assist Central Office library staff by providing clerical support, assisting with researching topics such as book and inter-library loans, recordkeeping, monitoring the circulation of books, offering book recommendations, and providing general support and assistance to Supervising Librarian for any library projects or general duties as requested.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS REQUIRED: The participant must be enrolled in or have completed a course of study at an accredited college or university in the field of Library and Information Services; and/or have field experience with Library Services and must be registered as a community volunteer in compliance with NYS-DOCS Directive #4750.

STAFF SUPPORT & ASSISTANCE: The participant (volunteer) will receive a DOCS orientation prior to his/her admittance as a volunteer and will report to the Supervising Librarian and other Central Office staff mentors.

EXPECTED RESULTS: The participant (volunteer) will be dependable, punctual, and will perform his/her work experience assignment in an effective manner; and will comply with all NYS-DOCS and facility rules and regulations for volunteers.

RELATIONSHIP WITH STAFF & INMATES: The participant (volunteer) will maintain confidentiality in all matters related to his/her work assignment and a professional working relationship with staff and inmates.

TERM OF APPOINTMENT: The participant (volunteer) will serve in his/her work assignment for the duration of the program unless circumstances concerning the volunteer's work assignment or performance alters his/her participation in the program.






Internship Areas: Criminal Justice/Corrections

Logistical Information

Payment? Unpaid

Number of Hours: 10 - 19

Location: Albany

Number of Interns Needed: 1

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing Graduate Student

Minimum Standing: Sophomore

Degree Concentrations: Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Education Studies