M/C Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage


The New York State Group Life Insurance Plan, M/C Life, offers Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage to help protect your loved ones should you experience a life-altering accident or death. With M/C Life benefits, your family will be better able to meet financial obligations. M/C Life offers competitive rates and different coverage options to meet your needs, budget and unique family circumstances.


To be eligible to enroll in the M/C Life Insurance Plan, you must be employed by, or appointed or elected to a position in, New York State government as a:

Additionally, retirees who are enrolled in the M/C Life Insurance Plan at the time of their retirement and elected to continue the coverage may do so.

If you elect coverage for yourself, you may also elect Life Insurance coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and/or eligible children. However, only you, the enrollee, are eligible for Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

Coverage Options  

When enrolling in M/C Life, you may choose between either a fixed amount or a multiple of your salary.

The following coverage options are available for you as the enrollee:

In addition, you may select the following Life Insurance options for your dependents:


Life Insurance premiums are based on several factors including your age, smoking status and the amount and type of coverage you choose. You can use the M/C Life Insurance Calculator to help you determine how much a policy will cost.

In most cases, if you are an active employee, premiums will be deducted from your biweekly paycheck. Click here for the biweekly rate schedule.

If you retire and choose to continue your Life Insurance, a monthly billing notice will be sent to you, or you may elect to have the payments deducted from your retirement check. Click here for the monthly rate schedule.

Rates are adjusted annually. The Employee Benefits Division will notify you of rate changes each year in the fall.

How to Enroll  

To enroll in M/C Life Insurance coverage, you must complete the following forms:

Complete and return both forms to your agency Health Benefits Administrator (HBA) within the first six biweekly payroll periods after you become eligible.

For late enrollment, re-enrollment after a cancellation or to request a change in the amount of coverage, you will be required to submit proof of insurability which requires completing a Statement of Health form and may include a medical exam. Once you have separated from State service, you are no longer eligible to enroll. Once you have separated from State service, you are no longer eligible to enroll.

Additional Information  

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