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Property Manager Trainee 1, G-13

Occupation Group

Administrative Operations

Salary Information

Starting Salary


Career Ladder Information

Salary Information for Property Manager Trainee 1
Title Grade Hiring Rate/yr Job Rate/yr
Property Manager Trainee 1 13 $46,529 $59,542
Property Manager Trainee 2 14 $49,202 $62,806
Property Manager 1 18 $61,270 $77,912
Property Manager 2 22 $75,340 $95,392
Property Manager 3 61 $85,712 $108,342

All salary grades for trainees titles are non-statutory (NS) equated to the salary grade identified. These grade equations apply to the starting salaries in their respective salary schedule for the traineeship levels.

Job Description

Property Managers perform office and field duties directed at the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, and maintenance of office space utilized in New York State agency operations.

Trainees will receive a combination of structured training, on-the-job training, and/or practical job performance to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to function at the full performance level.

Agencies with this Title

Various New York State agencies

Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

a bachelor's or higher degree.

Advanced Placement

If chosen, you may, at the agency's discretion, be appointed to a higher level. You must inform the agency of any additional qualifications at your interview.

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For Trainee 2 you must also have:

Either 1. One year of professional experience *; OR

2. A Juris Doctor, master's or higher degree in a field related to the position being filled **

For the Full Performance Level you must also have:

Either 1. Two years of professional experience*; OR

2. A Juris Doctor, master's or higher degree in a field related to the position being filled** AND one year of professional experience*.

*Professional experience must be performing the duties of the full performance level position.

**Hiring agencies have discretion in determining whether a degree is related to the duties of the position

How to Apply

The November 2022 PCO Examination is closed, applications are no longer being accepted