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Insurance Fund Services Specialist 2, G-18

Occupation Group

Accounting, Auditing, Economics and Finance

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Job Description

Be a first level supervisor; oversee Insurance Fund Services Specialists 1 and account clerical or paraprofessional positions; perform difficult collections activities, premium rate calculations, and insurance policy maintenance functions.

Under the general direction of an Insurance Fund Services Specialist 3, perform the more difficult collection activities requiring regular contact with policyholders, insurance brokers, attorneys, accountants, collection agencies, and internal SIF departments.  Positions may be assigned to specific functions to develop expertise in collections, refunds, and/or policy maintenance and adjustments. In addition to the duties performed by Insurance Fund Services Specialists 1, Insurance Fund Specialists 2 may allow special terms to bring a policy back into good standing; may suppress cancellations when deemed appropriate; perform outbound call campaigns on high-dollar accounts to mitigate cancellation; investigate payments appearing in suspense report each day and ensure they are journalized and posted to the correct account; identify call patterns which may indicate a procedural problem; perform special projects, as needed; research governmental agency contract bid lists for bidders/awardees that are in-debted to SIF; and supervise subordinate staff, complete performance evaluations, determine staff assignments, give guidance to staff on work related issues, and identify training needs and arrange for staff training.

Who has this title?

Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

A bachelor's or higher degree; AND two years of professional experience negotiating solutions and resolving delinquent accounts which includes contacting debtors in person, in writing, or by telephone disseminating and explaining policies and/or procedures; resolving account problems or reconciling accounts.

To Apply

You must have or expect to receive a bachelor's or higher degree by September 1, 2020.

The 2019 PCO will be open for application from January 18, 2019. To apply for the examination for this PCO Select Job Title you must apply for the PCO examination by February 20, 2019, fill out and submit the PCO Questionnaire by April 5, 2019, and take the PCO written test in April of 2019. The application for and information about the PCO examination is at: