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Latent Print Examiner 1, G-18

Occupation Group

Corrections and Criminal Justice

Salary Information

Starting Salary


Career Ladder Information

Salary Information for Latent Print Examiner Trainee 1
Title Grade Hiring Rate/yr Job Rate/yr
Latent Print Examiner Trainee 1 13 $47,925 $61,330
Latent Print Examiner Trainee 2 14 $50,678 $64,693
Latent Print Examiner 1 18 $63,108 $80,248
Latent Print Examiner 2 23 $81,705 $103,350
Latent Print Examiner 3 25 $90,806 $114,444

All salary grades for trainees titles are non-statutory (NS) equated to the salary grade identified. These grade equations apply to the starting salaries in their respective salary schedule for the traineeship levels.

Job Description

Latent Print Examiners perform a variety of technical and professional tasks associated with analyzing, searching, comparing, evaluating, and verifying latent print case evidence developed at crime scenes in accordance with Latent Print Laboratory policies and procedures established under ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accreditation requirements

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Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

A bachelor's degree or higher in biology, chemistry, criminalistics, forensic science, or physics AND two years of experience performing casework in an accredited forensic lab AND pass the current Latent Print proficiency exam by completion of probation.

How to Apply

The November 2022 PCO Examination is closed, applications are no longer being accepted