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Housing Specialist 1, G-18

Occupation Group

Health and Human Services

Salary Information

Starting Salary


Career Ladder Information

Salary Information for Housing Specialist Trainee 1
Title Grade Hiring Rate/yr Job Rate/yr
Housing Specialist Trainee 1 13 $46,529 $59,542
Housing Specialist Trainee 2 14 $49,202 $62,806
Housing Specialist 1 18 $61,270 $77,912
Housing Specialist 2 23 $79,325 $100,342
Housing Specialist 3 27 $97,826 $120,492
Housing Specialist 4 64 $116,686 $147,256

All salary grades for trainees titles are non-statutory (NS) equated to the salary grade identified. These grade equations apply to the starting salaries in their respective salary schedule for the traineeship levels.

Job Description

Housing Specialists perform a variety of specific activities within the functional areas of overseeing procurement, contract development, program implementation, and compliance determination and assurance of housing projects for homeless and low-income households various grant programs.

Agencies with this Title

Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

A bachelor's or higher degree


one year of professional experience in a position with responsibility for the planning, development, financing, or administration of housing or housing programs* including one or more of the following duties:

  • Planning, financing, or developing housing; community residences; or supported housing for the homeless and/or special needs populations;
  • Developing or monitoring grant proposals and contracts with government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and foundations;
  • Monitoring construction to ensure conformance to State and local building codes, and fire and safety regulations;
  • Management of supported or low income housing**;


one year of professional experience in a position of responsibility for assisting homeless, low income, and/or special needs individuals or families in obtaining such benefits as housing, education, employment, shelter, counseling, or other supportive services. This experience must be gained through one or a combination of the following duties: Provision of services through direct client contact; Administration and implementation of social services programs*** in a government, not-for-profit, charitable, or faith-based organization.

* "housing programs" is defined as programs which finance or otherwise assist in the development and/or operation of permanent, transitional, or emergency housing, including licensed, certified, or otherwise regulated shelters.

** "supported or low-income housing" is defined as permanent, transitional, or emergency residence or shelter for homeless and/or low income households which are owned and/or operated by a government, not-for-profit, charitable, or faith-based organization.

*** "social services programs" is defined as programs that provide services to homeless, low income, special needs individuals, and/or families to assist them in achieving the greatest degree of independence possible.

NOTE: experience as a realtor or real estate agent is not qualifying.

How to Apply

The November 2022 PCO Examination is closed, applications are no longer being accepted