Department Contracts and Procurements

Below please find material submitted by vendors in response to procurements conducted by the Department of Civil Service (Department). The material includes redactions requested by each vendor at the time the procurement was conducted. The materials also include redactions of signatures, personal email addresses, personal telephone numbers, and identifying information regarding persons providing a reference. In some instances, the materials may be updated to reflect material that was initially redacted, but has since been released into the public domain. Any additional inquiries regarding this material is available upon request through the Freedom of Information Law.

Banking Services

Decision Support System

Actuarial & Benefits Management Consulting Services

Dependent Eligibility Audit Services

Dental Plan

Dispute Resolution Program

Empire Plan (Hospital, Medical, Mental Health & Prescription Drug Programs)

Employee Benefits Cards

Health Maintenance Organizations

Clinical Laboratory Services

Long Term Care Program (NYPERL)

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

Vision Plan

Paid Family Leave RFP

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Compliance RFP