DCS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect

The following Restricted Periods are currently in effect. Vendors and persons acting on their behalf should consult the DCS Procurement Lobbying Policy for further guidance on the nature of the communications which may be made to the Designated Agency Contact. If you have any questions about compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Law, contact your legal counsel.

For more information about certain Procurements, please refer to Open Procurements.

Procurement Purpose Restricted
Start Date
DCS Designated
Agency Contact(s)
Clincial Laboratory Services The Testing Services Division Employee Health Service Unit is scheduled to solicit Proposals to compettiively award a contract to a qualified organization to perform the following services:
– Clinical laboratory testing.
– Phlebotomy and other specimen collection.
– Specimen pick-up.
– Testimony at legal and/or administrative proceedings.
2/15/2019 DCSprocurement@cs.ny.gov
New York State Health Insurance Program Decision Support System The Employee Benefits Division is scheduled to solicit Proposals to competitively award a contract to a qualified organization capable of providing:
– A system with the ability to integrate claim, provider, financial and enrollment data into a system that can be easily queried for the purposes of analyzing trends, ensuring payment integrity, and projecting the cost of benefit design changes.
– A Web-based access that effectively integrates NYSHIP enrollment and claims data for all Empire Plan benefit areas, while allowing for future expansion and integration of additional data (e.g. workers' compensation data).
– Consulting support services including analytical support and expert guidance in clinical and statistical data analysis.
3/21/2019 DCSprocurement@cs.ny.gov