This examination fills police positions within our Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and State University of New York (SUNY) campuses, and will also be used to fill Municipal Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff at various municipalities. With one application and test you will have almost limitless opportunities to protect our environment with the Environmental Conservation Police, bike through New York's state parks with our Park Police, or patrol our beautiful state campuses as a University Police Officer.

If you apply for the Municipal Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff option of this program, municipal agencies who exhaust their local eligible list will be able to use the list created from this exam to fill vacancies in their local police department or Sheriff's Office. It is recommended that you also apply for any local examinations being offered by the local civil service agency in your area to increase your opportunities for employment. Local civil service agencies will need to certify the local eligible list before using this list from which to make appointments.

Important - Professional Policing Act of 2021

Under the provisions of the Professional Policing Act of 2021, New York State Title 9 NYCRR Part 6000 and Title 9 NYCRR Part 6056 were amended to prescribe minimum training, background, and character standards for appointment of persons to police officer positions. Under the provisions of Part 6000 and Part 6056, you are determined to lack good moral character and you CANNOT be appointed as a police officer in New York State if:

1. You were previously appointed as a police officer in NYS, were removed from said employment for cause, had your training certificate permanently invalidated by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services and are listed on their decertification index;
2. You are listed on the National Decertification Index after having been decertified as a police officer in any state other than NYS;
3. Within 3 years from the date of application, you:

a. Engaged in criminal activity, whether criminally charged or prosecuted, regardless of where the act took place, if said conduct would constitute an offense in New York, which is defined as:

(i)Any felony offense;
(ii) Any sex offense or sexually violent offense as defined in article 6C of the Correction Law;
(iii) All serious offenses defined in subdivision 17 of section 265 of the Penal Law;
(iv) Crimes involving official misconduct and obstruction of public servants as defined in article 195 of the Penal Law; crimes involving bribery of a public servant as defined in article 200 of the Penal Law; crimes involving perjury as defined in article 210 of the Penal Law; and/or crimes relating to judicial proceedings as defined in article 215 of the Penal Law;
(v) Crimes involving forgery as defined in article 170 of the Penal Law; crimes involving false written statements as defined in article 175 of the Penal Law; crimes involving fraud as defined in article 190 of the Penal Law;
(vi) Crimes involving assault and menacing as defined in article 120 of the Penal Law; crimes involving obscenity as defined in article 235 of the Penal Law; crimes against public sensibilities as defined in article 245 of the Penal Law; or crimes against public order as defined in article 240 of the Penal Law.

4. Engaged in the unlawful use of any controlled substances.
5. Made false statement(s) or engaged in conduct that subverts or attempts to subvert the police employment application process.
6. Received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States. which has not been adjusted under the terms of the New York State Restoration of Honor Act.

Examination Announcement

Carefully read the Examination Announcement for information about minimum qualifications for each title filled through this examination program and the test plan. You may apply to as many titles for which you qualify. You may print or save this exam announcement for your records.

Position Information

The Law Enforcement Examination Program is used to fill the following police titles. Click on the buttons below for important additional requirements for appointment.


Examination Process

The NYS Careers in Entry Level Law Enforcement examination program offers the opportunity to apply to one or more examinations for entry level law enforcement positions in New York State agencies using one application and online questionnaire to report your qualifications for each title. This examination program uses a dashboard to walk you through the entire application process.

Part 1: The Application - Candidate Information
Part 2: Application - Online Minimum Qualification Evaluator (MQE)
Part 3: The Written Multiple-Choice test

Complete your online application. You will need a personal NY.gov ID to apply for this examination(s). If you do not have a personal NY.gov ID, please create an account.

You will receive an online notification and email confirming the submission of your online application.

Once you have completed Part 1 of your online application, you must return to the dashboard to complete Part 2 to answer questions about your education and experience.

Complete and submit the online MQE to show you meet the minimum qualifications for the title(s) you are applying for. You should answer all questions as completely as possible. You must click the 'SAVE' button to record your information.

Failure to complete and submit Part 2 by 11:59 pm EST on August 14, 2024, will result in your disapproval to sit for the written multiple-choice test.

For questions and answers about completing the online MQE, please visit the frequently asked questions webpage.

To continue where you left off in the examination process you can use this link to return to the series dashboard:

If you are approved to sit for the written multiple-choice test for a title filled from this examination program, you will receive an admission notice in the mail approximately one week prior to the date of the written.

*Due to the size of the candidate population for this date, candidates may be scheduled to take their test on either September 28, 2024, or a subsequent date. Your admission notice will tell you where and when you are scheduled to appear. You cannot request or change your scheduled day or location. Due to current testing space limitations, candidates may need to travel to a test site to take this examination. Candidates will be notified of their test site location on their admission notice.

Important: If you have applied to take a multiple-choice test announced by either one or several local jurisdictions (county, town, city) scheduled to be held on the same test date as this State multiple-choice test, you must notify each of the local jurisdictions no later than two weeks before the test date to make arrangements to take all tests at the State test examination center. Please check the Additional Information section of the examination announcement for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things To Know About the Law Enforcement Exam

You may have a lot of questions when thinking about, during or after the Law Enforcement exam. Below are the top 3 commonly asked questions regarding the Lawn Enforcement Exam. If you have additional questions please see our Law Enforcement FAQ page.

I started to complete the online MQE, but I left my computer and when I came back, I was signed out. None of the information I completed appeared when I signed back in. What happened?
Your log-in session will remain active as long as you save information or refresh any page within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be required to log-in again. If you were in the process of filling out a form but did not save the information, any information on that page will be lost. Only the information on that one page will be lost; information saved previously will remain.

How do I know if my online MQE was submitted correctly?
Before you submit your questionnaire(s), you will be prompted to review your entries. We recommend you print a copy of your responses to keep for your own records because this will enable you to check the information before you make your final submission. When you submit your questionnaire(s), you will receive a confirmation stating that your online MQE has been successfully submitted. Once you submit your questionnaire, you can visit My Examination Applications to view your status.

What Happens After the Exam?
You will be notified by email when official scores are available online, which is usually within 90 to 120 days after the examination date. Eligible lists and score notices are also available on the Eligible List Management System (ELMS). If you have any other questions regarding your eligible list status, you may also email our List Maintenance Unit at EmploymentRecords@cs.ny.gov for more information.

If you are selected for a position, you must take and pass the agility, physical/medical, drug, psychological and background check requirements. You will then be required to successfully complete police academy training for appointment. Employees in these positions are considered Public Officers under New York State Law and must meet the requirements outlined by this Law. Use the above links to view the specific requirements for that title.


For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Law Enforcement examination, visit the FAQ page. If you do not find an answer to your question, please email us at entrylevellaw@cs.ny.gov.