Once I submit my information in the Veterans Temporary Hiring Program Portal, what happens next?

Once an agency is able to consider you for a temporary assignment, they will contact you directly. Note that various factors can affect if and when an agency is able to fill vacancies, including the seasonal nature of a position, location, or minimum qualifications.

An agency may contact you for opportunities by e-mail, phone, or mail.

What if my contact information or preferences change?

Updates to your information and status can be made using the "My Information/Status" link on the portal. You can update your contact information and job preferences, including academic and occupational details, employment, and job location preferences at any time.

If you no longer wish to be considered for opportunities, please change your status in the program to "inactive." You can reactivate your status any time to be considered for these opportunities.

How do I get a permanent job with New York State?

Most jobs in New York State are filled through competitive civil service examinations, which assess a candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the job.

To pursue permanent employment with New York State through the competitive examination process:

Qualified veterans may be eligible for additional credits on passing civil service examination scores.

In addition, the Department of Civil Service can assist veterans in obtaining civil service employment through the 55-c program, which seeks to place veterans with disabilities in entry-level state jobs. For more information on this program, visit the 55-b/c Recruitment Services Center.


What kinds of jobs are available through this program?

Opportunities for temporary employment exist in a variety of titles. The professional titles that offer the greatest number of temporary opportunities are:


Call Center

Clerical/Office Support

Construction and Highway Maintenance

Customer Service

Disaster Response

Maintenance and Operations

Parks and Recreation

Youth Services

How do I know what jobs I'm being considered for?

The jobs available through this program have been categorized into specific occupational areas, or titles. When you fill out the "preferences" section of the portal, you will need to identify at least one area of occupational interest. The areas of occupational interest correspond to the occupational titles listed. For example, if you indicate interest in the Clerical/Office Support occupational category, you are also indicating to agencies that you are interested in jobs including, but not limited to, Office Assistant 1 and Tax Information Aide.

How long does a temporary job last?

Depending on the type of job and location, temporary employment through the program can be for several weeks or months.

Where are most of these jobs?

Opportunities for temporary employment exist statewide. When listing your location (geographic) preferences in the portal, select locations that are reasonably located for you.