Employee Health Service

Employee Health Service (EHS) provides to all New York State departments and agencies medical examination services mandated by Civil Service Law. A full-time staff of physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses and medical technicians conduct medical examinations and diagnostic testing in Cohoes, just outside of Albany. In addition, EHS operates part-time medical examination centers in Hauppauge and Brooklyn, and 22 Nursing stations. Occupational health examinations, screening, and immunization services are also provided by professionals at agency worksites throughout New York State. If you received services from EHS and wish to have a copy of your medical records, complete form EHS-742, Authorization for Release and Disclosure of Medical Information and send it to EHS.

EHS fulfills its mission to promote and maintain the highest degree of individual employee health in New York State workplaces by assisting agenices with:

The Employee Health Service provides a comprehensive range of occupational health and medical evaluation services for all New York State departments and agencies. The list of services provided includes:

  1. Agency referral examinations pursuant to a variety of legal mandates including New York State Civil Service Law, Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Worker's Compensation, and Labor-Managment agreements
  2. Drug and alcohol testing
  3. Pre-placement examinations and physical agility testing
  4. Reinstatement Exams
  5. Occupational health examinations pursuant to NYS Public Employees Safety and Health Act
  6. Medical certification for the 55 b/c program
  7. Medical parking evaluations
  8. Respirator certification pursuant to OSHA standards
  9. First responder emergency services for NYS employees and visitors
  10. Direct care for NYS employees through EHS nurse stations
  11. Immunizations and tuberculosis screening
  12. Cardiac risk assessments and diabetes screening
  13. Health education and counseling programs
  14. Assessments for exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  15. CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator training and certification.

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