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Completing the Questionnaire 

Q. What can I do to make the online questionnaire process go as smoothly as possible?

A. You should try to start and complete the online questionnaire process as early as possible. This will allow you time to resolve any questions or problems that may arise. First we recommend that you review the questionnaire in its entirety and collect all the information you will need to complete the questionnaire (e.g. documents related to your education, licenses, certifications, etc.). Then, set aside a block of time that is free of interruptions while you work on the questionnaire. Answer all questions that apply to your education, certification, and work experience as completely and accurately as possible. Save the information that you enter on each page by clicking on the "Save" button which is located at the end of each section. Review and print all saved information before you submit your completed questionnaire.

Q. Do I need to complete the questionnaire in one session?

A. No. You may enter and save your responses to one or more sections, log out, and then return to complete other sections at a later time. Be sure to save all your entries and print a copy of your work before logging out and before you submit your completed questionnaire. However, you must submit your questionnaire by the announced deadline.

Q. What if I have a question about how to respond to specific questions on the questionnaire?

A. The questionnaire includes complete instructions for reporting your education, certification, and/or experience. To be fair to all candidates, our staff cannot provide individual assistance or directions as to how you should respond to specific questions. You should review the instructions carefully and answer as best you can.

Q. When I went to enter information on my questionnaire, I discovered that some of the information was already there. How did that happen?

A. Generally, online applications will pre-populate with the information you submitted for previous examination(s). This feature is provided as a convenience to candidates. You can change, delete, or modify the information on the questionnaire before you submit it for a new examination; however this will not change your previous submission. Each examination is scored based on your submission for that examination number.

Q. I started to complete the questionnaire, but I left my computer and when I came back, I was signed out. None of the information I completed appeared when I signed back in. What happened?

A. Your log-in session will remain active as long as you save information or refresh any page within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be required to log-in again. If you were in the process of filling out a form but did not save the information, any information on that page will be lost. Only the information on that one page will be lost; information saved previously will remain.

Q. I hit the back button to return to an earlier part of the questionnaire, and now I can't continue. What happened?

A. This application is not designed to handle use of the back button. Please use the navigation provided on each page.

Q. I completed the questionnaire and signed out, but when I returned none of my information was saved. What happened?

A. As you completed each page, you were prompted to "Save" before you continued. If you did not save at the end of each page, you will have to re-enter the information.

Q. How do I know if my questionnaire was submitted correctly?

A. Before you submit your questionnaire, you will be prompted to review your entries. We recommend that you print a copy of your responses to keep for your own records because this will enable you to check the information before you make your final submission. When you submit your questionnaire, you will automatically receive a confirmation on the screen stating that your questionnaire has been successfully submitted.