Who is eligible to participate in the Employee Suggestion Program?

New York State employees and retirees are eligible to participate in the Employee Suggestion Program.

What types of ideas are eligible for consideration?

Visit the Program Guidelines for information regarding suggestion eligibility.

Is my suggestion eligible for award consideration if it is related to my job duties and responsibilities?


Please note: Suggestions determined to be job-related may be eligible for award consideration at a reduced rate, based on the extent to which the suggestion is related to your actual job duties because you are already being paid by your employment agency as part of your job responsibility.


What types of suggestions are ineligible for consideration?

Ineligible suggestions include, but are not limited to, the examples identified in the listing below. Generally, ineligible suggestions are those which:

What if my suggestion is disapproved but is later put into effect?

Suggestions that are not adopted remain active for a period of two years following the notice of disapproval. During that time, no one will be eligible to submit your idea(s) as their suggestion. If your suggestion is implemented within the two-year period, you must notify the Employee Suggestion Program if you wish to receive appropriate credit.

If my suggestion is adopted, what kind of award will I receive?

Employees/Retirees who submit suggestions that are approved and implemented will receive a Certificate of Merit from the State Civil Service Commission. Suggestions that result in significant savings to the state may be eligible for a monetary award. Monetary awards granted by the Employee Suggestion Program are taxable.

Who will evaluate my suggestion?

Each participating agency has its own Suggestion Evaluation Committee (Committee) which refers suggestions to the appropriate program area for evaluation. The Committee reviews the program area's evaluation and forwards its recommendation to the Employee Suggestion Program.

How will I know if the Employee Suggestion Program has received my suggestion?

The employee/retiree will receive a confirmation notice and an email with a designated suggestion number.

How will I know whether my idea has been approved?

The employee/retiree will be notified by email. Please provide a current email address when making a submission.

How long will it take the Committee to evaluate my suggestion?

An agency has 60 days to evaluate a suggestion. An agency may request additional time to complete the evaluation. However, if an agency does not evaluate the suggestion after 120 days, the suggestion may be closed.


How do I submit my suggestion?

Employees/Retirees may submit a suggestion online.

When should I submit my suggestion?

Employees/Retirees are permitted to submit a suggestion at any time. Suggestions are reviewed on a continuous basis. However, it is important to note that suggestions are considered in the order received. Credit will be given to the first employee/retiree who submits a suggestion that successfully addresses a particular idea.

Can I submit a suggestion for an agency other than my own?


Please note: Certain state entities do not participate in the Employee Suggestion Program. Suggestions pertaining to the operations of these entities are not eligible.


When should I contact the Employee Suggestion Program about my suggestion status?

If you have not heard from the Employee Suggestion Program within 90 days of your initial submission, you may contact them by email at suggest@cs.ny.gov.