Examinations Open to the Public

Open-competitive examinations are open to anyone who meets the qualifications listed on the examination announcement. You can apply for open-competitive examinations online. Each examination title listed below will take you to the relevant examination announcement, which provides information on how and where to apply.

COVID 19 Vaccination/Testing and Screening Guidelines for Candidates - COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing Policy and Screening Procedures for Civil Service Examination Candidates Appearing In-Person

Continuous Recruitment Examinations — applications for most continuous recruitment examinations are accepted anytime.

Tentative Examination Schedule — tentative schedule of upcoming examinations.

Announcements as of December 07, 2021
Exam Number Exam Title Salary Last Date to Apply Non−Refundable Processing Fee (Waivers available)
26-822 Homeless Services Representative 1 $60,069 January 05, 2022 $35
26-785 Legal Assistant 1 See Announcement January 05, 2022 $35
26-786 Legal Assistant 2 See Announcement January 05, 2022 $35
26-799 Real Estate Specialist 2 (Conservation) $77,770 December 22, 2021 $40
*Fee may cover applications for multiple examinations. See examination announcement for details.

Notes on Applying

  • An application must be submitted online or postmarked by the last date to apply. See examination announcement for details.

  • An application will not be accepted after the application filing deadline has passed.

  • You may obtain printed copies of current announcements and applications at Civil Service Information and Outreach Locations.

  • Testing accommodations will be made for the following reasons:
    • Due to a religious observance or practice
    • Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities
    • Other accommodations - due to pregnancy, for nursing mothers, or for other circumstances that may impact your ability to be tested without accommodation

Examination announcements are subject to amendment or cancellation without notice.