Nursing Examination  

Do I have to take an examination to be hired as a nurse?

No. There are no written tests to take for Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) positions. Candidates must meet minimum qualifications and submit an application. The required minimum qualifications and application filing directions for each title are listed on an examination announcement. The hiring agency will evaluate a candidate's application against a pre-approved rating scale and assign a score. Candidates will either be notified of their score or contacted for a job interview. The more hiring agencies a candidate applies to, the more interviews they may receive.

Application Process  

How do I apply for nursing positions?

To apply for a nursing position, submit an NYS-APP Form. Candidates need to submit an application for each position they desire. Before a candidate submits an application, they are encouraged to refer to the examination announcement on where to send a completed application. For some nursing positions, an application can be sent directly to the Department of Civil Service. For other nursing positions, an application must be sent directly to the hiring agency. For more information, visit nursing titles and specialty areas.

How do I apply for higher level and non-direct care nursing titles?

For higher level and most non-direct care nursing titles, the Department of Civil Service holds competitive written examinations every two to four years. To view these examination announcements, sign up to receive notification of upcoming examination announcements(External Link).

To view each examination announcement, click on the examination number and read the Minimum Qualifications to see if you qualify. The date and content of the actual test is listed on the examination announcement, as well as starting salary, location, and duties description.

After the Examination  

What happens after I submit my nursing application(s)?

Passing candidates are arranged in score order after an application is scored by the hiring agency, or when results from a competitive test are published. When an agency, which employs that title, has a vacancy it contacts candidates who have a reachable score determine their interest in an interview. This is not a job offer. The agency is canvassing qualified candidates to see who is still interested in the job. By replying to the canvass letter, a candidate indicates their interest in the position and will remain on the list of eligible candidates.

Employment Opportunities  

How long will it take to hear back from an agency?

Unfortunately, there is no set timeframe for the hiring process. However, after submitting their application, candidates can follow up with either the Department of Civil Service or the hiring agency/facility and ask about the status of your application. They can also contact agencies directly to indicate interest.

What is a typical work schedule for nurses?

Full and part-time schedules are available in all nursing titles with the State. Employees working 20 or more hours per week receive full benefits.

Are there opportunities to earn additional pay?

Salaries for nursing positions are based on job requirements and an employee's education, experience, and work location. The starting salary range is listed on the examination announcement for each nursing position vacancy. A pay differential is available for evening and night shifts at certain facilities; amounts vary by agency and location.