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State government fosters an environment that encourages and supports professional growth and career opportunities for nurses. Over 10,000 Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses work in challenging and rewarding positions in agencies located across the State. Whether you are already employed in State government or are considering working for State government, this site provides an overview of the benefits and opportunities available.

Nurses employed in State government receive:

Nurses employed in State government work with diverse populations in a wide variety of practice settings, including:

Nurses can practice in a variety of specialty areas, including:

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Nursing Careers, visit the FAQ page.

Professional Development  

Workplace Skills and Professional Development Courses(External Link) offer opportunities for training and development on topics such as supervisory skills, management development, and interpersonal workplace skills.

Public Service Workshops Program (PSWP)(External Link) offers training on topics specific to nursing.

Public Service Training Program (PSTP)(External Link) offers reimbursement for qualifying courses, events, or examinations.

Agencies and Facilities  

Nursing positions exist in the following agencies/facilities:

Nursing Examinations 

The following examinations are used to fill certain types of nursing positions. A variety of examination opportunities are provided throughout the year.

Community Mental Health Nurse works within the framework of a treatment team providing nursing services to individuals diagnosed with mental illness, alcoholism or substance abuse, developmental disabilities, and their caretakers/families.

Health Care Surveyor 2 (Nursing) are responsible for the surveillance and regulation of health care providers to ensure that care provided meets standards of practice and complies with State and Federal statutes and regulations.

Health Services Nurse employs a holistic approach to providing occupational health services while working independently and without direct supervision.

Licensed Practical Nurse works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, in the treatment of patients/residents.

Medical Care Representative performs initial health care and vocational assessments, projecting long and short-term goals; makes recommendations for continuing care and/or suggest alternative treatment plans; and coordinates and monitors all health care and vocational services.

Medical Assistant performs clinical, laboratory and clerical support activities.

Nurse 1 / Nurse 2 / Nurse 3 - Nurse 1, 2 and 3 all require license and registration to practice nursing in New York State (some positions require post-RN licensure clinical nursing experience, or specialized nursing experience, or a bachelor's degree in nursing, or certification in a specialized area).

Nurse Practitioner provides primary health care working in collaboration with a licensed physician or physicians.

Teaching & Research Center Nurse provides nursing care to patients in an acute care environment requiring complex nursing skills using advanced knowledge and skill in assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.

Teaching & Research Center Specialty Nurse performs nursing tasks consistent with the prescribed nursing regimen and supportive of the medical regimen, including: directing and coordinating nursing care activities with other health disciplines involved, participating in staff planning for treatment of individual patients, reviewing and evaluating the quality of nursing services provided to patients and implementing required changes, and serving on selected committees.

Additional Information 

For more information on nursing positions, please see the Glossary of Titles-Inquiry Tool (GOT-IT). The "Title Search" feature allows you to search for a specific title by name (i.e. Community Mental Health Nurse) and will show the salary grade, location of the position (by county), job description, qualifications, examination information, and related career mobility options.