Internet Posting of Application Forms

Section 164-d of the Executive Law requires that every state agency shall make the various application forms developed and distributed by such agency for public use that are readily convertible to internet form and are intended to be used by the general public available on the internet. The forms listed below are all the forms identified by the Department of Civil Service as meeting the requirements of the law.

This page will be updated as necessary but, at the minimum, at least once per year.

All Department of Civil Service examination application forms
Disability Record Authorization form(pdf)
Disposition of Veterans Credits form(pdf)
Employee Application for Change in Title or Salary(pdf)
Medical Information, Authorization for Release and Disclosure of(pdf)
Reinstatement Examination Request(pdf)
Request for Eligible List Status Change(pdf)
Request to Change Individual Status on Interdepartmental Promotion Eligible Lists(pdf)
Workers with Disabilities Program Application Packet (55-b/c program)(pdf)