The Governor's Programs to Hire Individuals and Veterans with Disabilities consist of two specialized programs: the 55-b and the 55-c Program. These programs are coordinated efforts to place individuals with disabilities in entry-level state jobs.

Section 55-b of the New York State Civil Service Law authorizes the New York State Civil Service Commission to designate up to 1,700 positions normally filled through competitive examination to be filled through the appointment of qualified persons with disabilities. Section 55-c authorizes the designation of up to 500 positions in the non-competitive class to be filled by qualified veterans with disabilities. In general, an entry-level position that is filled only through an open-competitive examination (one open to the public) may be used for a 55-b or 55-c appointment.

No initial written examination is required for appointment. To qualify for either program, you must first submit a formal application. A medical evaluation may be necessary for program certification.

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 55-b/c Program, visit the FAQ page.

Please note that Sections 55-b and 55-c are distinct from of the Civil Service Law Section 55-a, which provides similar employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities to positions in local government. Information regarding 55-a programs may be found here.

Program Eligibility Requirements  

Eligibility pursuant to Sections 55-b and 55-c of the Civil Service Law is limited to persons with physical or mental disabilities, who are found otherwise qualified to satisfactorily perform the duties of a position. Employee Health Service at the Department of Civil Service will evaluate the degree of functional limitations*, restrictions, and need for special accommodation.

* A serious limitation in a functional area means a reduction, due to a severe physical or mental impairment, to the degree that the individual requires services or accommodations not typically made for other individuals to prepare for, enter, engage in, or retain employment.

If you were previously approved for either program but your eligibility has expired, please contact the 55-b/c Program.

How to Apply  

To apply for the 55-b/c Program, you must submit a completed application, along with the following documents:

If you are a veteran and do not have your DD-214 form available, your application will be processed as a 55-b application. However, once you obtain your DD-214 and meet the criteria as a veteran, you may request to change your status from 55-b to 55-c.

Once you are approved for the 55-b or 55-c Program, you will receive a 55-b or 55-c letter of eligibility. Your program eligibility is effective for three years from the date on the letter. After three years, if you wish to continue your eligibility, you may contact program staff and request an extension.

55-b/c Recruitment Resources Program Portal  

The 55-b/c Recruitment Resources Program Portal provides a centralized location for qualified candidates to submit up-to-date employment and contact information for consideration by State agencies filling entry-level positions.

55-b/c Program candidates can use the portal to:

Access to the 55-b/c Recruitment Resources Program Portal is limited to candidates with a 55-b/c letter of eligibility.

You will need a personal NY.gov ID to access the information below. If you do not have a personal NY.gov ID, please create an account.(External Link)

55-b/c Program Candidate Login

State Agencies 

The 55-b/c Recruitment Resources Program Portal is the central database for state agencies to search for qualified 55-b/c candidates looking for entry-level positions.

Access is limited to Human Resources professionals only.

Agency Login


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