The State Program Examiner series fills multiple titles at the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) that assist in the financial and performance audits of all state departments, agencies, institutions and authorities, including financial accountability, management effectiveness and efficiency, and program performance.


The State Program Examiner series is used to fill unique titles (see below) and allow appointment to the trainee 1, trainee 2, full performance level, depending on education and experience. Titles examined through this series include:

For more detailed information on the State Program Examiner positions, please see the Glossary of Titles-Inquiry Tool (GOT-IT). The "Title Search" option offers the option to research specific title information. By entering the title name [e.g., State Program Examiner Trainee 1], you will be provided with the title's salary grade, location of the position (by county), job description and qualifications, examination information, and related career mobility options. If you are viewing a trainee title, please note the number of positions reflects positions established at the full performance level (e.g., State Program Examiner 1). Agencies may fill at the trainee level or at the full performance level based on employee qualifications.

GOT-IT does not provide information on any job postings or job availability. For information on current job postings, please go to State Jobs NY(External Link).

State Program Examiner - Examination Process  

The State Program Examiner examination offers the opportunity to apply and compete in a Department of Civil Service test utilizing an online questionnaire. Applicants can apply below by selecting the examination they are interested in.

In the online questionnaire, a candidate will answer questions regarding his or her education, certification, licensure, and experience. The information provided in the online questionnaire will be used to review a candidate's qualifications and serves as the test for these titles.

Online questionnaires can be submitted any time. OSC will score online questionnaires periodically throughout the year when candidates are needed to fill vacancies. Once added to the eligible list, candidates will have a one-year period of eligibility for appointment from that list. There is a six-month retest policy for this examination program. You can submit an online questionnaire as frequently as every six months.

OSC is responsible for reviewing qualifications and adding candidates to their eligible list(s). OSC will communicate directly with candidates regarding requests for additional information on qualifications and score notices. In addition, OSC will be responsible for canvassing (e.g., inquiring about your interest in the job and location) eligible lists to fill their vacancies.

Questions about eligible list usage, eligible list status, and the hiring process for these positions should be directed to OSC. In addition, candidates should contact OSC directly with any changes to name, phone number, email, mailing address, or location preferences.

Examination Announcements 

Not all applicants will be qualified for all examinations; however, by completing the questionnaire, candidates receive a score for all examinations for which they meet the minimum qualifications.

Examinations included on the State Program Examiner Trainee 1 on the announcement are:

Examinations included on the State Program Examiner 1 announcement are:

How to Apply 

You will need a personal NY.gov ID to apply for this examination(s). If you do not have a personal NY.gov ID, please create an account.(External Link)

Completing the Online Questionnaire  

We recommend that you review the questionnaire in its entirety and collect all the information you will need to complete the questionnaire, including documents related to your education, experience, internships, activities, and certifications. Answer all questions that apply to your education, certification, and work experience as completely and accurately as possible. Save the information entered on each page by clicking on the "Save" button at the end of each section. Review, save, and print your information before submitting the questionnaire.

In addition to completing the questionnaire, you must email a copy of your college transcript(s) and professional resume to: transcripts@osc.state.ny.us The subject line of your email should contain your name and "Transcripts" (e.g., Mary Doe Transcripts).

If you are unable to email your transcripts and resume, you can mail copies to:

NYS Office of the State Comptroller
Human Resources Office - Exam Series #20
110 State Street, 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12236

If you have already completed the application process and need to return to the test to complete and submit your questionnaire, you may visit the Department of Civil Service's Online Questionnaire System.

For questions and answers about completing the online questionnaire, please visit the frequently asked questions section.