Online Questionnaires for State Government


The Department of Civil Service offers the opportunity to compete in training and experience tests and online skills inventories using online questionnaires.

All examinations have minimum qualifications that you must meet to be eligible to participate. If you are interested in an examination, first review the announcement to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications. To complete a Civil Service questionnaire, you must first complete and submit an examination application.

The examination announcement will indicate if the examination includes a training and experience test or a skills inventory component and will advise you if additional steps are necessary.

Taking the Test  

Some examinations require completion of an application and completion of a training and experience test (online questionnaire). If you have completed the application process and need to return to the test to complete and submit your questionnaire, please go to: My Examination Applications.

You must complete and submit training and experience tests by the deadline found on the examination announcement. Failure to complete and submit the training and experience test may result in your name not being placed on the eligible list.

For questions and answers about completing the online training and experience test, please visit the Online Training and Experience Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.

Taking the Skills Inventory 

Some examinations offer the opportunity to complete an online skills inventory questionnaire. If you have completed the application process and are directed to complete a skills inventory, please go to:My Examination Applications.

Questionnaire Process 

We recommend that you review the questionnaire in its entirety and collect all the information you will need to complete the questionnaire (e.g. documents related to your education, licenses, certifications, etc.). Then, set aside a block of time that is free of interruptions while you work on the questionnaire. Answer all questions that apply to your education, certification, and work experience as completely and accurately as possible. Save the information that you enter on each page by clicking on the "Save" button which is located at the end of each section. Review and print all saved information before you submit your completed questionnaire.

Completed Questionnaires  

Before you submit your questionnaire(s), you will be prompted to review your entries. We recommend you print a copy of your responses to keep for your own records because this will enable you to check the information before you make your final submission. When you submit your questionnaire(s), you will receive a confirmation stating that your questionnaire has been successfully submitted.

To view your submitted information, please go to the: My Examination Applications to find the examination and its associated questionnaire.

For questions and answers about completing the online questionnaire, please visit the frequently asked questions section.