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Choices for 2024

Thinking about changing your health insurance option?

Need help choosing a plan?

Option Transfer Period

During the Option Transfer Period you may change your health insurance option for the next calendar year:

  • from an HMO to The Empire Plan,
  • from The Empire Plan to an HMO that is accepting new members, or
  • from one HMO to another HMO that is accepting new members and has a NYSHIP service area in the area where you live or work.

If you are thinking about changing your option, read the descriptions of plans in your area and compare and contrast the benefits important to you and your family, using our online benefits comparison tool. Our online checklist can also assist in your decision process.

The Empire Plan
The Empire Plan is available to all enrollees in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). You may choose The Empire Plan regardless of where you live or work. Coverage is worldwide.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Most NYSHIP enrollees have a choice among HMOs. You may enroll - or continue to be enrolled - in any NYSHIP-approved HMO that serves the area where you live or work.

For more information, you can use our online resource by choosing your group (required) and at least one county - the county in which you work and/or live. For your reference, here is a complete list of options by county (PDF).

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