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M/C Life Insurance Cost Calculator

Rates Effective September 12, 2019 for Institution Payroll

Rates Effective September 5, 2019 for Administration Payroll

Bi-Weekly Premium Monthly (Retiree Premium)
Policy Holder's Age
Retired: Yes No
Amount of Coverage $
Coverage Adjustment $
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
AD&D rates are based on $1,000 of coverage.
$ $
Smoker Status Yes No $ $
Spouse Coverage Yes No $ $
Child Coverage Yes No $ $

Please Note: The questions below are limited to current Accident and Sickness enrollees as of January 1, 1986. If you are not currently enrolled in the M/C Life Accident and Sickness Program, please leave the following questions blank.

Benefits Bi-Weekly Premium
Basic Monthly Benefit $ $
Extra In-Hospital Monthly Benefit Yes No $
Extra Monthly Income Benefit Yes No $
Additional Loss Life & Limb $ $
    Total Bi-Weekly Costs:
    Total Monthly Costs:

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