The New York State Employee Suggestion Program fosters and rewards the creativity and innovation of state employees and retirees for taking initiative to improve operations and efficiencies in New York State government. Since 1946, the Employee Suggestion Program has adopted over 10,000 suggestions and recognized almost 12,000 employees and retirees.

The Employee Suggestion Program is open to all state employees and retirees, who are encouraged to explore ways to improve agency or program operations, reduce expenses, and improve productivity.

For Employee Suggestion Program frequently asked questions, visit the FAQ page.

Eligibility Guidelines 

The Employee Suggestion Program accepts suggestions that are original or meritorious in nature, resulting in significant cost savings and/or improvements to the efficiency of state operations. Suggestions will be evaluated for eligibility based on, but not limited to, the following criteria.

Eligible suggestions must be:

  1. From a current state employee or retiree;
  2. Original; and
  3. Result in significant cost savings and/or promote a major efficiency or dramatically increase the effectiveness of state government.

Eligible suggestions must not:

  1. Rely on changes to the collective bargaining process;
  2. Impose new taxes or fees;
  3. Address normal health and safety practices;
  4. Have already been implemented;
  5. Propose minor changes to databases, such as adding/deleting fields or creating/changing a data report;
  6. Require direct deposit of payroll checks or travel reimbursement checks;
  7. Be a restriction or expansion of an existing item or initiative (e.g., eliminating paper for online documents or expanding existing translation services);or
  8. Propose the creation of a brochure or informational flyer.

Suggestions that meet the above criteria are eligible for consideration.

Determine Eligibility and
Submit Suggestion


  1. An employee/retiree completes and submits a suggestion that meets the requirements - see eligibility guidelines above.
  2. The employee/retiree will receive a confirmation notice and an email with a designated suggestion number.
  3. The suggestion is reviewed for eligibility and originality by the Employee Suggestion Program. If eligible, it is referred to the appropriate agency for evaluation. Ineligible suggestions are identified and the employee is notified by mail.
  4. The agency refers the suggestion to the appropriate program area for evaluation and determines whether the suggestion should be implemented. If implemented, an award recommendation is forwarded to the Employee Suggestion Program.
  5. The recommendation is reviewed by the Department of Civil Service.
  6. Approved recommendations are forwarded to the Commission for final review, determination, and the award of a Certificate of Merit.
  7. Employees receiving certificates for their suggestions are notified.

Agency Section  

Agency representatives may access information by visiting the Agency Section.

Contact Us  

Email: suggest@cs.ny.gov
Phone: 518-457-9375