Memoranda for 2010

Policy Bulletin No. 2010-03 pdf(pdf157KB)
Implementation of Productivity Enhancement Program for 2011
Policy Bulletin No. 2010-02 pdf(pdf69KB)
Changes to Guidelines Regarding the Rights of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk in the Work Place
Advisory Memorandum No. 2010-05 pdf(pdf46KB)
Christmas Day (December 25, 2010) and New Year's Day (January 1, 2011) Holiday Observance
Transmittal Memorandum No. 35 pdf(pdf96KB)
2011 Calendar of Legal Holidays and Days of Religious Significance
Advisory Memorandum No. 2010-04 pdf(pdf64KB)
Designation of Floating Holidays in Lieu of Election Day and Lincoln's Birthday for Contract Year 2010–2011
Policy Bulletin No. 2010-01 pdf(pdf89KB)
Revisions to the Recently Enacted Military Family Leave Provisions under the Family and Medical Leave Act
Advisory Memorandum No. 2010-03 pdf(pdf7KB)
Independence Day Holiday Observance
Transmittal Memorandum No. 34 pdf(pdf24KB)
Attendance and Leave Manual Update - Section 21.1 Holidays
Advisory Memorandum No. 2010-02 pdf(pdf42KB)
Leave Donation Program for Employees Represented by the United University Professions (UUP)
Advisory Memorandum No. 2010-01 pdf(pdf95KB)
Special Holiday Waiver Memoranda of Understanding for Security Supervisors Unit (SSpU) and Security Services Unit (SSU)