NYS Attendance and Leave Manual

List of Topics
Manual Cover Sheet/List of Commissioners
Table of Contents
20 - Attendance

20.1 Basic Workweek
20.2 Record of Attendance
20.3 Tardiness

21 - Absence with Pay

21.1 Holidays
21.2 Vacation
21.3 Sick Leave
21.4 Extended Sick Leave
21.5 Sick Leave at Half-Pay
21.6 Personal Leave
21.7 Leave for Extraordinary Weather Conditions
21.8 Workers' Compensation Leave
21.9 Leave for Subpoenaed Appearance and Jury Attendance
21.10 Leave for Civil Service Examinations
21.11 Leave for Quarantine
21.12 Leaves Under Law, Negotiated Agreement or Agency Policy
21.13 Leave for Civil Defense Duties

22 - Leaves Without Pay

22.1 Leave of Absence; Duration
22.2 Successive Leaves of Absence

23 - Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation or Entry Into Armed Forces

23.1 Payment for Accruals Upon Separation
23.2 Payment for Accruals Upon Entry Into Armed Forces
23.3 Payment for Overtime Accruals Upon Appointment, Promotion or Transfer

24 - Crediting Other Public Employment as State Service

24.1 Written Agreement Required for Transfer Of Leave Credits

25 - Suspension of Rules

25.1 Emergency Required for Suspension of Rules

26 - Applicability

26.1 To Whom Rules Apply
26.2 Exceptions
26.3 Rules Applicable to Employees in Negotiating Units


A - Civil Service Attendance Rules
B - Legal Holidays and Religious Holy Days
C - Alternative Work Schedules
D - Part-Time Employment
E - Seasonal Employment
F - Attendance Rules for Managerial/Confidential Employees
G - Reciprocal Agreements
H - Leave Donation
I - Family and Medical Leave Act