Finding out about job opportunities with the State of New York has never been easier! You can access current examination announcements, current vacancies, promotion opportunities, featured programs, on-line examinations and many more opportunities on our Opportunities with New York State Government page.

Appointments and promotions in the New York State civil service are made according to principles of "merit and fitness" as mandated by the New York State Constitution. Candidates can compete for competitive class positions by participating in competitive civil service examinations. These examinations assess candidates' knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for performing the job.

Our State Examination page allows you to see current announcements for scheduled examinations. Once you've found an announcement in which you are interested, review the minimum qualifications to see if you possess these requirements.

The announcements contain important information to help you determine your eligibility, such as:

You may be able to apply on-line or download the announcement and appropriate application.

After you apply, you will receive notification letting you know if you were approved or disapproved to compete in the examination.

The New York State Department of Civil Service has programs and resources to assist persons with disabilities and disabled veterans in obtaining civil service employment.

We encourage job seekers interested in New York State government civil service careers to contact a Department of Civil Service Outreach and Recruitment Offices for further information. Exam announcements and applications are available at these offices and in several other locations.