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The Empire Plan is a unique health insurance plan designed especially for public employees in New York State. Empire Plan benefits include inpatient and outpatient hospital coverage, medical/surgical coverage, Centers of Excellence for transplants, infertility and cancer, home care services, equipment and supplies, mental health and substance abuse coverage and prescription drug coverage.

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TO: All Agency Health Benefits Administrators
FROM: Employee Benefits Division
SUBJECT: Adding Dependents to an Existing Family Coverage
DATE: June 29, 2018

Effective immediately, a late enrollment period will be applied when adding a previously eligible dependent to existing family coverage in accordance with the HBA Memo dated September 13, 2016.

System Announcement SA17-06 dated February 13, 2017 advised agencies that EBD temporarily postponed this policy due to NYBEAS programming. This is to inform you that, as of the release of this memo, NYBEAS will apply a waiting period when adding previously eligible dependents to an existing family coverage. HBAs should re-familiarize themselves with the attached HBA memo from September 13, 2016, as well as Policy Memo #139r1 and 145.

Please note that these waiting periods are also outlined in the General Information Book.